National Association of Mortgage Field Services

Need tamper proof photos and survey for your business? Need proof of performance so that you can get paid for your work? Pruvan, founded in 2010, is a trusted and unbiased third-party data collection service that provides a tamper proof chain of custody for work orders and collected field data by utilizing the latest smart phone technology. Photos and surveys are tagged with certified location data, attached to work orders in real time from the field, and sent back instantly to the office and subsequently the work provider. The Pruvan Direct system (the mobile app, an online account, and a desktop photo organizer) streamlines processes for field service companies which enables them to improve service quality and eliminate fraud. Pruvan is based in Round Rock, TX, a suburb of Austin, which was recently named by Forbes as the fastest growing metro-area for the tech industry in the United States.

Contact: Paul Palmer  (512)244-9511