Executive Director

Eric Miller, Executive Director

Eric accepted the role of Executive Director of NAMFS, the premiere industry trade association, in January 2011. 

Prior to taking on this position he served as President of NAMFS for the past two years and was responsible for driving LPS Field Services’ Business Intelligence initiatives.  During his seven year relationship with LPS, Eric gained experience in a variety of leadership positions, including Operations, Industry Relations and Supplier Relations.  He has been actively involved in the industry since 2004 and has participated in the M&M II and III discussion panels, as well as serving as a USFN panelist.

During his tenure as NAMFS President, Eric focused on bridging the gap between suppliers and servicers as it relates to field service issues.  In his new role he intends to continue this trend.  Prior to joining LPS, Eric was involved in the environmental industry at leading firms specializing in consulting and field service.


Adam Miles, President, 2013-2015

Adam Miles, owner of Miles Preservation in Southern California, has over 15 years of property preservation experience. He began his career in preservation in 1995 and in 1997, he formed Miles Preservation, LLC.

As Miles Preservation continued to do excellent work, more clients and contractors were added, and over the years what started as a “one-man shop” has turned into a thriving, premier regional preservation company recognized nationwide in the industry. Miles Preservation currently services five national clients in four western states with the help of over 180 preservation contractors and 15 office staff.

Adam and his wife, Irene, reside in Temecula, CA and have five children.  

Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, Vice President 2014-2015

Ms. Farelo-Fernandez is the founding president of Farelo Group. She specializes in REO and property management services with green, sustainable initiatives that help investors yield higher returns.  Throughout her life and her career Ms. Farelo-Fernandez has always been a self driven leader.  She attributes much of what she’s accomplished, to her ability to inspire and guide those around her, to meet and exceed their goals.

Ms. Farelo-Fernandez heads the Farelo Group, a business servicing REO and property preservation, specializing in REHAB and properties that have code violations, open permits, as well as illegal structures. Within this role, she oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, seeking the most cost-effective approach to maximize profits, improve turnaround times and provide outstanding, professional service to her clients.

Ms. Farelo-Fernandez is a board member of the National Association of Women Business Owners; she is also an active member with various business organizations and chambers of commerce, as well as active within her church ministries. She lives in Miami, Florida with her husband, Enrique. 

Paul Magaha, Treasurer, 2011-2015

Paul is the Assistant Vice President for Industry Relations for ServiceLink Field Services, LLC (formerly LPS Field Services. Paul’s responsibilities include industry outreach to the major insurers and investors; overseeing local and state legislative and administrative relations and collection and distribution of industry guideline, regulation and legislative changes.

Paul has over twenty years of mortgage servicing and servicing related management experience including positions in foreclosures, property preservation, vendor management, risk management and industry relations. In addition Paul previously served as President of NAMFS from 2005-2007, as NAMFS Board Member from 2009-2010, and has served as a panelist at many industry events. Paul holds both a B.A and an M.A. degree from Syracuse University. 

Nickie Bigenho, Secretary

Vice President of Compliance, Mortgage Contracting Services, LLC

Nickie Bigenho is vice president of compliance for Mortgage Contracting Services, a nationwide provider of property preservation, inspections and REO property maintenance to the financial services industry.  Her responsibilities include oversight of the compliance, quality assurance, training, bio-hazard solution, risk, and resolution processes.

Prior to joining MCS, Bigenho worked for Bank of America (formerly known as Countrywide Home Loans) for nearly 15 years, where she was responsible for the release of lien, payoff, cash management, foreclosure and compliance processes. Bigenho worked for HomeFed Bank as branch manager with responsibilities including loan origination, deposit retention and sales development prior to joining Countrywide Home Loans.  She is an active member of the MBA claims working group subcommittee and the MBA planning committee. 

Bigenho earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She resides in Richardson, Texas.

 Board Members

Scott Gilbert, National Representative, 2014-2016
First Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Scott Gilbert is the First Vice President of Strategic Initiatives with ServiceLink Field Services. In this position, Scott is responsible for identifying and aligning key strategic initiatives with Industry and Servicer requirements.  During Scott’s tenure with ServiceLink (formerly LPS Field Services) he served two years as VP of Operations and three years as FVP of the Network Management Office.

Prior to joining LPSFS in January of 2009, Scott served as Director of Operations for a national field service company and owner of Professional Field Services. Scott has been actively engaged in the financial services industry for over 20 years, specializing in Hazard Insurance Recovery, environmental services and Property Preservation Management.

Scott earned a BS in Business Administration from SUNY Fredonia in 1988.

Jack Bryant, National Representative, 2014-2016

MSI Vice President  Jack Bryant has had a well-rounded career with MSI for 27 Years; he has been actively involved in all aspects of the Field Service Industry including: The completion of Inspections and Property Preservation work, being onsite for large or difficult properties, he has helped manage Vendor Process Reviews, Quality Control Initiatives, Property Site Visits, Technology Initiatives, as well as new Client Sales, Client Relations and handling escalated issues of all types.

Jack serves his community and the mortgage industry through his volunteer services as well.  Jack has worked at numerous community outreach events designed to bring delinquent borrowers and lenders together as well as serving as a moderator, panelist, committee chair, and board member for industry leading associations such as NAMFS, the USFN and the TMBA. 

Melissa Bunker, National Representative, 2014-2015

VACANT National Representative, 2013-2015

Kathy Campbell, Regional Representative, 2014-2016  

Suzanne Phillips, Regional Representative, 2014-2016

Suzanne has been in the field services industry for over 14 years.  She started as a small "mom and pop" operation working long days and nights. In 2009 she formed So Cal Inspectors, Inc.  Through the years her monthly volume of inspections has ranged from a couple hundred per month to over 70,000. She credits her success to working hands on with inspectors and clients as her business grew.

As the volume declines and the regulations change she recognizes that things will get tougher. She still retains the zeal for the industry despite the challenges. Her goal is to improve the quality of all the services provided and embraces the use of technology to do this.

She believes NAMFS gives all members a platform to connect and have a voice that can improve each ones business and lead to important industry changes.

Tyler Danalds, Regional Representative, 2013-2015
Tyler J. Danalds currently serves as Managing Director for Precision Field Services, a regional mortgage field service provider, overseeing operations for various service offerings, including property preservation, REO field services, insurance and hazard claim repairs, and property rehab. Prior to accepting this role, Tyler served in senior management positions in both regional and national mortgage field services capacities, as well as owning and managing his own business for six years.  Prior to his career in field service industry, he served in management and training positions within the international supply chain logistics industry, specializing in ocean and air imports.  Tyler received his B.A. in Psychology from Drury University and is an active member of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), and REOMAC organizations.


VACANT, Regional Representative, 2014-2015

Matt Zoldowski, Associate/Affiliate Representative, 2013-2015

PPW is a web-based work order management system designed by contractor for contractors. It is designed to track work orders, photos, notes, bids, and invoices. As well as keeping track of your history at each property.

Matt started in the field services industry covering Ohio and Michigan. He and his partners developed PPW to meet the needs of their growing business. As PPW grew, they had to make a decision. In January of 2011, they closed their contracting business so they could devote all their time and energy to PPW.  Matt uses his knowledge gained from his own experiences, and the experiences of others, to help his clients run better, more profitable companies. 


Mike MacCaull, Associate/Affiliate Representative, 2013-2014 
Mike MacCaull, COO of BargainLocks, has been in the property preservation industry for over 10 years.  Directing BargainLocks, which started in a small garage, he has built the company into a national supplier for the field service industry, recently opening a distribution center in Nevada to better serve BargainLocks customers in the Western part of the country.


Mike has created and fostered a corporate culture at BargainLocks that encourages growth, finding and implementing new technologies and analyzing future markets.   He inspires his team to excel because he leads by example.   Every day is a step closer to the vision he and his team aspires to achieve.

Mike, his wife Beth, and their 8 month old son reside in Canal Fulton, OH.

Deanna Alfredo, Past President, 2011-2013
In 2002, Deanna Alfredo founded Property Maintenance, Inc.  Since then she has grown her business to cover the state of Michigan and to become a large service provider within her state.  Deanna sits on the Advisory Board of both LPS Field Services and CoreLogic Field Services.  Deanna has served NAMFS since 2005.  From 2006 thru 2009, Deanna served NAMFS as the Secretary of the Board of Directors and Conference Director from 2006 thru 2009.   


Deanna is also a member locally in the Detroit Athletic Club and Orchard Lake Country Club.  Deanna has served on the Membership Committee and as Co-Chair of the Holiday Ball at the Detroit Athletic Club.  She also recently joined the National Association of Professional Women.