National Association of Mortgage Field Services
  Executive Director

Eric Miller, Executive Director

Eric accepted the role of Executive Director of NAMFS, the premiere industry trade association, in January 2011. 

Prior to taking on this position he served as President of NAMFS for the past two years and was responsible for driving LPS Field Services’ Business Intelligence initiatives.  During his seven year relationship with LPS, Eric gained experience in a variety of leadership positions, including Operations, Industry Relations and Supplier Relations.  He has been actively involved in the industry since 2004 and has participated in the M&M II and III discussion panels, as well as serving as a USFN panelist.

During his tenure as NAMFS President, Eric focused on bridging the gap between suppliers and servicers as it relates to field service issues.  In his new role he intends to continue this trend.  Prior to joining LPS, Eric was involved in the environmental industry at leading firms specializing in consulting and field service.


Adam Miles, President, 2015-2017

Adam Miles, owner of Miles Preservation in Southern California, has over 15 years of property preservation experience. He began his career in preservation in 1995 and in 1997, he formed Miles Preservation, LLC.

As Miles Preservation continued to do excellent work, more clients and contractors were added, and over the years what started as a “one-man shop” has turned into a thriving, premier regional preservation company recognized nationwide in the industry. Miles Preservation currently services five national clients in four western states with the help of over 180 preservation contractors and 15 office staff.

Adam and his wife, Irene, reside in Temecula, CA and have five children.  

Tim Doehner, Vice President, 2015-2017

Tim began his career in default mortgage services as a Collection/Foreclosure Manager. His field service career began in 1983, an included owning his own company, before joining Universal Mortgage Services in 1988. What followed was a 23 year relationship the organization that is ServiceLink Field Services today.

Having held several numerous management roles while at LPS and its predecessors, Tim was appointed Executive Director of NAMFS in 2007 while maintaining his relationship with LPS. In 2009, the Executive Director position was made fulltime and under Tim’s leadership at NAMFS, the association’s membership almost doubled and the financial health of the organization was stabilized. An opportunity to lead two regional preservation organizations took Tim to Florida and Massachusetts in 2011 and2013, respectively.

Tim is currently the owner of Cardinal Inspection Services LLC which operates in Northeast Ohio. Tim has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to sustain a long term relationship with the mortgage field service industry and continues to be a strong advocate of NAMFS and the varied programs that the association offers.


Paul Magaha, Treasurer, 2015-2017

Paul is the Director of Industry Relations for Assurant Field Services. Paul’s responsibilities include industry outreach to the major insurers and investors; overseeing local and state legislative and administrative relations and collection and distribution of industry guideline, regulation and legislative changes.

Paul has over twenty years of mortgage servicing and servicing related management experience including positions in foreclosures, property preservation, vendor management, risk management and industry relations. In addition Paul previously served as President of NAMFS from 2005-2007, as NAMFS Board Member from 2009-2010, and has served as a panelist at many industry events. Paul holds both a B.A and an M.A. degree from Syracuse University. 

Suzanne Philips, Secretary, 2015-2017

Suzanne has been in the field services industry for over 14 years.  She started as a small "mom and pop" operation working long days and nights. In 2009 she formed So Cal Inspectors, Inc.  Through the years her monthly volume of inspections has ranged from a couple hundred per month to over 70,000. She credits her success to working hands on with inspectors and clients as her business grew.

As the volume declines and the regulations change she recognizes that things will get tougher. She still retains the zeal for the industry despite the challenges. Her goal is to improve the quality of all the services provided and embraces the use of technology to do this.

She believes NAMFS gives all members a platform to connect and have a voice that can improve each ones business and lead to important industry changes.

  Board Members

Scott Gilbert, National Representative, 2014-2016

Scott Gilbert is the First Vice President of Strategic Initiatives with ServiceLink Field Services. In this position, Scott is responsible for identifying and aligning key strategic initiatives with Industry and Servicer requirements.  During Scott’s tenure with ServiceLink (formerly LPS Field Services) he served two years as VP of Operations and three years as FVP of the Network Management Office.

Prior to joining LPSFS in January of 2009, Scott served as Director of Operations for a national field service company and owner of Professional Field Services. Scott has been actively engaged in the financial services industry for over 20 years, specializing in Hazard Insurance Recovery, environmental services and Property Preservation Management.

Scott earned a BS in Business Administration from SUNY Fredonia in 1988.


Jack Bryant, National Representative, 2014-2016

MSI Vice President  Jack Bryant has had a well-rounded career with MSI for 27 Years; he has been actively involved in all aspects of the Field Service Industry including: The completion of Inspections and Property Preservation work, being onsite for large or difficult properties, he has helped manage Vendor Process Reviews, Quality Control Initiatives, Property Site Visits, Technology Initiatives, as well as new Client Sales, Client Relations and handling escalated issues of all types.

Jack serves his community and the mortgage industry through his volunteer services as well.  Jack has worked at numerous community outreach events designed to bring delinquent borrowers and lenders together as well as serving as a moderator, panelist, committee chair, and board member for industry leading associations such as NAMFS, the USFN and the TMBA. 

Melissa Bunker, National Representative, 2015-2017

Kyle Nickles National Representative, 2015-2017

Kyle Nickles was born in a small farming community in east central Illinois. After graduating from high school in 1985 he attended Eastern Illinois University where he studied business administration and economics before graduating he felt the call of military service and joined the U.S. Navy.  After serving for five years and returning to school he was called again to serve as a Navy Corpsman for the 3rd Battalion 24th Marines during Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm. 

After the war Kyle moved to Brooklyn NY were he did every job from street vendor to limo driver until he moved to Long Island and found he had a talent in the real estate industry.  He worked as a Real Estate Agent, Buyer’s Broker and Mortgage Broker for over 15 years until the market took the nose dive in 2007.  Back to doing any job he could to support his family he finally stumbled across the mortgage field servicing industry in 2008.

Since Kyle started his one man operation in New York his company NY Field Services has grown to 120 subcontractors working in eight different states.   He credits his success to his mid-western work value and being willing to work in areas others shy away from.   The company is known for being innovators in the industry being one of the first companies to wear uniforms, carry I.D. cards and require its inspectors to pass background checks.

As proud as Kyle is of his company he is even more proud of the charity work that he and his company does.  NY Field Services has sponsored the NAMFS gives back every year that there has been a sponsorship.  They have also participated in every Safeguard properties vendor project.  In 2013 NY Field Services did its own gives back where he and some of his subcontractor’s renovated a kitchen for a wheel chaired woman.  Recently the company and its subcontractor’s raised over $20,000 to provide Christmas gifts to underprivileged kids in a local school district. The company has also worked with or given money to; Rebuilders, Habitat for Humanity, Wounded Warrior Project, and Friends of Karen.

Kathy Campbell, Regional Representative, 2014-2016  

Nicole McPherson, Regional Representative, 2015-2017

Nicole McPherson, owner of Financial Inspection & Completion Services, LLC began in the field services industry in 2007.  With a Real Estate background her team worked to help local community banks with their local owned properties that needed attention.  In 2008 Inspection Services became the Companies Primary role in the Carolinas. 

Prior to 2007 Nicole’s experience was in the Hotel & Motel Industry and included large commercial property management and operations.

Nicole hopes to learn with NAMFS to help her company and team continue to provide the best services possible in all areas.

Steven Lefler, Regional Representative, 2015-2017

Steven L. Lefler is the founder and CEO of Imagine Service Group, Inc. located in St. Cloud, Florida.  Mr. Lefler began his company back in April of 1994 servicing the central Florida region as a one man show.  This has given him over 21 years of active experience in the industry.  Steven has earned his BS in Communications from James Madison University located in Harrisonburg, VA.

Mr. Lefler’s education and drive for success has led him and his company to where it is today, covering the entire state of Florida at the request of his clients.  With this growth, Steven has had to hire a staff of employees and contractors that share the same work ethics as he, to support the demand of his clients and providing them with top notch service that they have been become accustomed to working with Steven.  Imagine is currently servicing 7 nationals clients for the state of Florida.  With the continued support of Mr. Lefler’s office staff and contractors in the field, Imagine is showing no signs of slowing down.

Steven has been an active member of NAMFS since 1996 to present and has served as a Board Member from 2010 – 2012.  From his start with NAMFS, he has also served on the membership committee off and on and has attended 95% or more of the NAMFS conferences every year. 

Mr. Lefler currently resides in St. Cloud, FL where his company is located.  He is modeled citizen and is very active in his community in making it a better place for all of its residents.          

Justis Smith, Regional Representative, 2015-2017

Justis Smith is the Vice President of Client Relations at Rowe Enterprises, Inc. (REI).  She began her career with REI after graduating from college in 2000.  She spent two years in the field as a subcontractor then began working with her family in office operations.  Over the years, Justis has worn many hats.  She is now responsible for overseeing the office staff and assuring strong relationships with some of the largest servicing companies in the industry.  She orchestrates the annual REI Vendor Conference where the staff and contractors come together to learn new industry and client standards.  She always provides excellent customer service by performing her work to perfection and learning how to provide our clients with exactly what they required at each trip to the property.

Justis has been an active member of NAMFS for over 11 years and has served on several committees through the years.  She is also very involved in her community growth and preservation.  She currently serves on the board of directors for Kiwanis Club of Starke, Recording Secretary for the Woman’s Club of Starke, and is the 2016-2017 Chairman of the Board for the North Florida Regional Chamber of Commerce.  

Matt Zoldowski, Associate/Affiliate Representative, 2015-2017

PPW is a web-based work order management system designed by contractor for contractors. It is designed to track work orders, photos, notes, bids, and invoices. As well as keeping track of your history at each property.

Matt started in the field services industry covering Ohio and Michigan. He and his partners developed PPW to meet the needs of their growing business. As PPW grew, they had to make a decision. In January of 2011, they closed their contracting business so they could devote all their time and energy to PPW.  Matt uses his knowledge gained from his own experiences, and the experiences of others, to help his clients run better, more profitable companies. 


Mike MacCaull, Associate/Affiliate Representative, 2014-2016
Mike MacCaull, COO of BargainLocks, has been in the property preservation industry for over 10 years.  Directing BargainLocks, which started in a small garage, he has built the company into a national supplier for the field service industry, recently opening a distribution center in Nevada to better serve BargainLocks customers in the Western part of the country.

Mike has created and fostered a corporate culture at BargainLocks that encourages growth, finding and implementing new technologies and analyzing future markets.   He inspires his team to excel because he leads by example.   Every day is a step closer to the vision he and his team aspires to achieve.

Mike, his wife Beth, and their 8 month old son reside in Canal Fulton, OH.